Above the parapet?

22 Mar

Thought I would keep up to date about our progress:-


  1. It’s been mentally painful.
  2. We are starting to get back on a marital track.
  3. Sex is happening again,though always initiated by me. But see 14.
  4. Our finances are looking up.
  5. Out of the blue, I’ve been offered some consultancy work.
  6. Spanking has started to creep into lovemaking, but only when Liz is aroused.
  7. We have booked a long weekend in a city noted for romance.
  8. Liz has been told to be certain to come up to the mark.
  9. This morning, Liz started to smack my arm in bed. I asked if she wanted me to reciprocate. She blushed.
  10. We have several wake up sessions of rolling her over in bed, telling her to pull down her pyjamas, and be bitten, to modest squeals of amusement and ouches.
  11. I intend a coming-home trousers down and a few loving spanks in the kitchen.
  12. She is still waiting for a cervical cancer result.
  13. She still loves her feet being stroked and kissed.
  14. Valentine’s Day, after lunch she asked to go upstairs. We waited till we got home.
  15. She kept her tights on during this. The Control Top seemed to send out ripples through her bum
  16. We’ve has a date night, Friday, every week  since”events.” I’ve insisted on her sitting on my left so that I can fondle her under the table.



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