The Rest…………………..

22 Jun

is not here yet.

We have just had a terrible year. Some of it was quite clear in coming up but the other stuff………..

Already planning 2 posts to emerge late on in the year.



Above the parapet?

22 Mar

Thought I would keep up to date about our progress:-


  1. It’s been mentally painful.
  2. We are starting to get back on a marital track.
  3. Sex is happening again,though always initiated by me. But see 14.
  4. Our finances are looking up.
  5. Out of the blue, I’ve been offered some consultancy work.
  6. Spanking has started to creep into lovemaking, but only when Liz is aroused.
  7. We have booked a long weekend in a city noted for romance.
  8. Liz has been told to be certain to come up to the mark.
  9. This morning, Liz started to smack my arm in bed. I asked if she wanted me to reciprocate. She blushed.
  10. We have several wake up sessions of rolling her over in bed, telling her to pull down her pyjamas, and be bitten, to modest squeals of amusement and ouches.
  11. I intend a coming-home trousers down and a few loving spanks in the kitchen.
  12. She is still waiting for a cervical cancer result.
  13. She still loves her feet being stroked and kissed.
  14. Valentine’s Day, after lunch she asked to go upstairs. We waited till we got home.
  15. She kept her tights on during this. The Control Top seemed to send out ripples through her bum
  16. We’ve has a date night, Friday, every week  since”events.” I’ve insisted on her sitting on my left so that I can fondle her under the table.



18 Nov

Between last post and now I have had to have a minor operation for something major. I was wiped out with the medication and the surgery and dealing with Liz’s thankfully emerging mourning.

Apart from one instance of her flashing temper we have had a period of quiet though I did blast her for not comforting me in the way that I comforted her last year when she thought that she had breast cancer. I took her to bed and spent about an hour just kissing her breasts. She finds it difficult to deal with these sensitive subjects as she puts herself, not the patient, at the centre of her worrying. I blasted her for that and her sharp piece of temper.

However 2 events say that she is feeling better.

We had a tremendous massage session over the weekend when I spent a whole afternoon massaging her with lavender oil, massaging crevices she didn’t know she had, followed by a strong orgasm for her.

The day after in the morning she rolled in bed next to me, held my hand and deliberately placed her other hand under the covers and quietly jilled herself off. Only her hand pressure on mine told me what was happening.

…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….This blog will shut down after this much delayed post.

Liz has decided to retire soon and has said that she needs some time and space to be herself. We had talked about what we would do together when this happened but my previous sentence makes it quite clear that she is thinking along different lines.

I agreed with is, she needs to clear her head. Instead of making other people a priority, she is going to make  herself her focus.

How this will affect our relationship, and our marriage, who knows?


Short Break!

2 Nov

Liz and I managed to put together a 6 day break, each day a different place apart from our favourite place in which we managed to squeeze in 3 days. As it was hastily booked we had to put up with a couple of really crappy places including a Travelodge in the middle of an industrial estate.But we managed to re-book a couple of really good places we had used before. Liz researched where to eat, including a restaurant overlooking a rain lashed harbour, a pub overlooking the sea, and a chain restaurant that gave me the most awful meal I’ve had in a long time, even though we had used it before.

No fireworks emotionally, but a really relaxing and bonding time. Oddly enough after the worst meal ever, at least this year, we had the most explosive sex we have had for a while. No great planning, just me forcefully holding Liz’s legs apart while I took my much needed dessert, to Liz’s great delight and appreciative hand job afterwards.

When we got back home we recreated a scene we had watched on CatchUp TV just before we set off travelling. A costume drama, set in a part of the country we know well, has given the hero the sort of middle-aged adoration that Mr. Darcy gets in Jane Austen. In one scene he seduces his wife, by unrolling silk stockings up her legs, while she looks on lovingly.

They have long needed stockinged sex!

However in the next episode our hero blots his copybook by thrusting himself upon an old girlfriend who is wedding our hero’s sworn enemy. All through the series she has been thrusting her bosom and moist full lips at our hero. He gives her a good seeing to, despite pouty bosom’s protestations that she is not up for it. It caused an outcry in this country! But on the other channel you could see one of our female monarchs being thoroughly looked after by her new German husband. This was naturally set Pre-Brexit.

I’d already sent off for 2 pairs of the sort of stockings our heroine wore, over the knee and tied. I dreaded opening the packet as the price I paid did not promise much. To both our delights, they were sheer, silky and wonderful to the touch. Liz was silent as I rolled them on, and then looked at her legs as if they had been transformed. They had! I rained kisses on her white stockinged feet,as I vibed her clit. She came in less than a minute, took a breath, pulled me over on her front and told me to cum between her breasts.

We lay together quietly until she said, “Keep those in the special drawer,” as she unrolled them.

The casual reader may think that there is nothing new or earthshaking in these two marital sex scenes! But there is.

For the last 18 months I have had real difficulty in ejaculating, in fact the pain or effort was sometimes very keenly balanced with the pleasure and the closeness.

Not so for these two. I came easily, fluently and pleasurably, even Liz noticing the difference.

There is light at the end of the tunnel.



Things slowly moving into gear?

17 Oct

We have had 2 pretty good sessions since I last wrote. Both have involved a lot of comforting and reassurance for each other, 1 has included some tentative spanking, and both have included a lot of finger and mouth work. Liz has started to put herself in my place, thinking how much ED can affect a man’s self esteem, how worried I was about the word CANCER, and my dreaded anticipation about the results of some recent texts.

My public persona is to laugh, make jokes and wisecrack my way around such events. But for a long time Liz paid no attention to the subtext. I think it shamed her somewhat when our children paid more attention to the situation than she did.

So, small steps. The bereavement counsellor’s guidance was invaluable, even though it was done from a distance, and through me. Liz has been told to verbalise her grief, and grieve, even to tears.

This has been the biggest crisis we have had to face, as a couple! I think we have come through it, and the closeness of recent sex has helped.

We are fine!

5 Oct

I’ve had to have a minor op. for a major illness, and Liz is thankfully coming back to normal after her prolonged delayed mourning.

We’ve managed to have 1 major sex session, for her a prolonged massage with lavender oil culminating in an orgasm for her. And a minor one, in which she rolled over to my side of the bed, held my hand and quietly jilled herself off.

Nothing dramatic, but I’ve just started to be myself again after the surgery and Liz has started to emerge from the cocoon of delayed mourning that has enveloped her recently.

The Garlic Imperative

6 Sep

Got a message via email that a site that we used to be members of was closing down. Its subject was stockings, though some participants used the remit loosely as the stockings sometimes framed a naked pussy or a penis, sometimes 2 penises, poking at said pussy!

W didn’t use it a lot but I used to place some of my fictional developments of our own lives in the StoryBoard section. I logged in, and some of our stuff was still there, some dating back to 2006! The comments section were very favourable; one tale was “darkly erotic.” I thought the story was quite mild compared to some of the material!

All the material, like this site, happened, though names, places and references had/ has been changed.

So here goes, think of it as a remastered CD?

We used to spend a lot of time staying in Lizzie’s hometown. She still had several relatives there; not one of them offered their services as a B&B, so we had to use small hotels. However one of Lizzie’s oldest friends did offer their services a couple of times, however despite having a massive kitchen she never cooked anything, at all! So we stayed in a small hotel down in the village.

“You must come over this evening, we’ll have a meal.”

The weather was wet and freezing and the prospect of not having to scour the village to find a decent pub grub place , was inviting.

What she actually meant was that we would walk down the road, in what was by now sleet, to a French Bistro.

Liz was cold. she had forgotten to bring some socks, she was in some T Bar shoes, think they are called Mary Janes in the U.S. and the thought of walking down and back and then onto the hotel was daunting.

He said that if the weather got worse we could stay over. The look on her face was, well let’s just say that he was speaking out of turn and that an argument would develop when we were out of earshot. He retreated behind his Daily Express.

Liz asked me to redo her shoes up as she had just done her nails; she is always doing her nails.

As I bent down to tighten her shoes, I felt nylon on her feet. I looked up at her and she mouthed , “I’ll tell you later!”

She did when we went to Garlic Bistro, and both escaped to the loos. Liz showed me the brand new pack of M&S tan ankle highs in her bag. She gave me The Smile.

Liz and I have gradually worked out our hosiery preferences over the years. She hates knee highs, wearing tights under jeans, stockings are too fiddly, hold-ups don’t, footsies not for shoe wearing but are useful in bed, so that leaves tights and ankle highs. Sometimes, to please me, the mild hatreds are ignored, but her face says it all. she has come round to over the knee socks, but not in cotton!

We perused the menu. Now our hostess with the mostest hates garlic, so she interrogated the waiter about the garlic content of each dish. I asked the waiter if it was fair to say that none of the desserts contained garlic, and I was right!

Husband never said a word throughout the whole meal. He drank red wine and studied the label intently. She talked incessantly. She once told Liz that I was a good listener. She never twigged that nobody could get a bloody word in.

She has of late become slightly flirty with me, not from any encouragement, but as I discovered lately marital relations had stopped. She had tried to encourage him but he was already starting with 2 major health problems, now in remission, and was quietly seeing the medics, and not telling her.

I’ve always wanted to know how she tried to encourage him, but Liz wasn’t revealing anything.

We got a taxi back to their house, chatted,  he had another drink, and then we made our excuses and went to bed.

We showered, thankfully the room was ensuite, probably from the time she floated the idea of taking in paying guests, then decided not to as it would be too much hard work.

“Put them back on,” I said as I slid into bed next to Liz.

“You sure?”

“Too right after that dull evening, and let’s see if we cant’t make some muffled giggling.!”

I slid down the bed to work on Lizzie’s stockinged feet. We both love it when I massage her feet, paying her toes and soles some careful attention.Liz crossed her legs and I knew that she was starting to quietly jill herself ready. I moved up the bed, uncrossed her legs, held her by her feet, still massaging them while I put my lips on her clit.

The orgasm was muffled but obvious. I moved down the bed to stand at the end, grasped her feet, holding them to my lips, them moving them down to my penis and balls.

Now this was a good few years ago when I could get an erection 99% of the time. Thankfully the statistics were kind to me and I entered Liz. At this angle her bum was high off the bed giving a full view of everything. The fact that we had to be reasonably quiet helped our joint enjoyment.

“Sleep in them, please?”

She did.

Over our bowls of healthy cereal next morning husband asked if we had slept well as he thought that he had heard restlessness.

Liz blushed; The Wife was unaware of anything.

We went back to the hotel, collected our things and drove home. The hotel didn’t charge us for the missed night saying that we would have been foolish to even attempt the roads in that weather. And with that they know that they have got repeat customers. As it was, Husband phoned them up, and as he has some clout in the town, they listened.

We drove home, unpicked, showered , slipped into bed.

“Are those the same ones?”

“Do you want fresh?”

“No they can wait.”

We enjoyed a very hearty 69 with her ankles grasped.